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Title: Landslide
Author: dontstraytoofar
Canon: Spider-Man/MCU
Pairing: Michelle Jones/Elizabeth 'Liz' Toomes
Rating: General [G]
Word Count: 2,155
Summary: “You know, I could dance with you” It makes Liz look up, confused slightly as Michelle just smiles back. She shrugs once, standing up and holding her hand out to Liz who is still eyebrows furrowed, biting her lip. “I’m a way better dancer than Parker anyways” Or the one where it hurts to be left alone, and Michelle likes Liz's smile.

Recommendation: I'm going to start with how I think it's great that the cast of Homecoming look the closest to actual teenagers of any of the Spider-Man movies to date. And cute. 'Cause that girl didn't deserve to be left all alone. Michelle helps turn the night around.
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I finally had a chance to see The Favourite, the wonderfully off-beat Queen Anne movie featuring her lesbian affairs. I loved it; my review, with only the mildest of spoilers, is here.
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Title: Helping Hands
Author: Ellabee15
Canon: Luke Cage/MCU
Pairing: Mercedes 'Misty' Knight/Claire Temple
Rating: Mature [R]
Word Count: 2,051
Summary: Misty wasn't used to being helpless.

Recommendation: I firmly believe that there needs to be more WoC pairings, there just does. Especially when they are as badass as these two ladies. Would we be able to call this pairing Knight Nurse? Just saying.
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Earlier this month I posted a rec for two novels with canon f/f, Kristin Cashore's Jane, Unlimited and Robert Jackson Bennett's Foundryside. This year's Yuletide collection opened on Tuesday, and there is one fic - a long and delightful gift for me! - in Jane, Unlimited, as well as seven Foundryside fics between the main collection and Yuletide Madness, all but one of which is f/f.

Ivy, Unlimited is a long (almost 14k), well-written pastiche that incorporates my prompts and likes beautifully. This story, like the original novel, has multiple possibilities, each in a different genre, that use the original possible endings as springboards - but these are from Ivy's POV rather than Jane's, and so it's all inventive and multi-layered and astonishingly complex. You do need to have read the original novel for this to make sense.

Foundryside fic in main collection

Foundryside fic in Madness

Of the Foundryside fic, I most liked Adjustment, which is an 8k found-family post book-1 ensemble fic with sweet Sancia/Berenice (main collection) and Unedited, which is a short gen scene in which Sancia, Berenice, and Orso are in a bit of a bind (madness).
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That Inevitable Victorian Thing by E.K. Johnston

This is an alternate-history take on a regency romance, set in an alternate Canada (both Toronto and lake country Up North) where the British Empire is still a going concern but kinder and gentler. Oh, and people (usually) choose who to marry partly based on a supercomputer that scans their genetic information.

Margaret is the Crown Princess of the British Empire; she has to find someone who's a good genetic match for her to marry, but before that, she's in Canada anonymously, enjoying a summer of freedom. Helena Marcus is making her debut, but pretty sure that afterwards she's going to marry her childhood sweetheart August Callaghan, heir to his father's shipping empire. They hit it off marvelously, and pretty soon Margaret's coming Up North with Helena and August for the summer, where sparks fly between Margaret and Helena.

Some things that stood out for me about this book:

(1) You know how a while ago there were a glut of dystopian romances where the supercomputer chooses your Perfect Match, and they completely failed to account for the fact that queer people exist? I'm not sure that I completely buy how influential the Computer is - I get why it's important for Margaret to choose a good genetic match, but everybody else? - but it feels like Johnston read all those books and said "Hey, do you not GET all the possibilities you're missing?" And not in the obvious way of "queer person oppressed by the all-powerful supercomputer" but (attempting to avoid spoilers here) "supercomputer actually helps open up previously undiscovered possibilities" - one of the main characters has a genetic issue that isn't what she was expecting.

(2) It's adorably tropey while handling every one of its tropes in an unexpected way. Love triangles? Well, yes, but kinder gentler love triangles with a minimum of jealousy and people behaving badly. People falling in love under disguised identities! Multiple layers of assumed identities! "Oh no we have to share a bed!" Love and duty!

(3) The love scenes are fairly chaste and fade-to-black but they also manage to be hot.

(4) I love how seriously Johnston takes duty and responsibility, in this and her other books. It's not "the System is bad, let's take the system down," but "let's figure out how we can work within the System and still get what we want."

(5) It takes affirmative consent seriously without being preachy or heavy-handed.

It's an incredibly sweet and surprising book. And very Canadian, which gets a bonus point from me.
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I really enjoyed reading Breaking Character, a recently released novel by Lee Winter.

My review: A terrific romance that ticks all the boxes. I really enjoyed this tale of how two women, with much in common but also such different characters, found their way towards each other. In many ways the main trope is "opposites attract", but it's also more than that. The world behind the scenes of the entertainment industry felt realistic, which made it particularly irritating how each woman felt such pressure to remain deep in the closet, even in relation to each other. It shouldn't work like that, but I'm all too afraid that it does. On a brighter note, the wide range of secondary characters were a joy to read about.

It's available from Ylva Publishing.
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Title: Third Floor
Author: thingswithwings
Canon: Ghostbusters 2016
Pairing: Jillian Holtzmann/Patty Tolan
Rating: Teen [PG]
Word Count: 2,241
Summary: Patty. Is on the third floor. All of the time.

Recommendation: Holtzy's not great at communication but Patty knows how to walk her through the basics and still gets to be surprised by what comes out of that girl's mouth.

Link to the Story on AO3 | Link to the Podfic on AO3

||Fanfiction Recommendations by Isabelle Disraeli||
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A play about love, trust, intimacy, and six degrees of separation. Trust, by Steven Dietz.
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She has her hand balled up in my hoodie, and our bodies are pulsing slightly together. I reach down - her thighs are so soft where I graze my fingers against them. I dip my hand beneath the hem of her skirt…

What do I do now? I don't know!

I need to read more femslash, I think wildly.

Review of Britta Lundin's Ship It, a fangirl romance, over here.
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I reviewed Patience & Sarah: a Place for Us, a classic lesbian historical romance written in 1969 and set in 1816 in Connecticut, at my journal.
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Re-read of a classic sf novel about a planet of women; still neither dated nor imitated. Gee, I wonder why...?

Click to read the full review at my DW: Ammonite, by Nicola Griffith.
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I am not a fan of the romance genre in books, but I love other-genre novels that have f/f romance as a sub-plot or incidental background. Two (very different) fantasy books I read this year and really enjoyed fall into this category: Jane, Unlimited by Kristin Cashore, and Foundryside by Robert Jackson Bennett. I've discussed these books earlier this year on my own journal, but I thought [community profile] fffriday people might be interested in them. (And it is a complete coincidence that I've requested fic for these books for Yuletide! I'm certainly not angling for treats, oh, no! Anyway, there's not much time before the deadline so they'd probably have to be NYR stories anyway.... *g*)

Jane, Unlimited )

Foundryside )

If you read either of these books, I'd love to hear what you think. And please write me Jane/Ivy and Sancia/Berenice fic.
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I do hope it is alright to post wlw fanfic recs here. I do a regular "Femslash Friday"  for my fanfic rec blog every first and third Fridays of a month and I'd like to do that here if I may. 

Title: I Burn a Fever That I Caught from You
Author: tingles
Canon: Ghostbusters 2016
Pairing: Erin Gilbert/Abby Yates
Rating: Teen [PG]
Word Count: 1,882
Summary: Erin kisses Abby after pulling her out of the vortex, but it's never that easy with them.

Recommendation: Oh man my feels about these two, I'm serious why couldn't the movie have ended with these two getting (back) together.

Link to the Story on AO3

||Fanfiction Recommendations by Isabelle Disraeli||
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Hello all! We've just had a bunch of people jump ship from Tumblr to DW. I mentioned in my introductory post on my own DW that this place exists. If any of you are doing intro posts as well, please feel free to mention it too.

I think it would be nice to give anyone who checks it out a welcome in the form of a bounty of FF Friday posts. So I'm going to make sure to have something up this Friday, barring unexpected catastrophe. Who's with me?
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F/F art recs at my blog! Specifically for Black Sails, Star Wars, Crimson Peak, and the Bad Blood music video. (Also a gen piece of a female character from Sneaky Blinders snuck in there.)
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A rec for a delightful mystery/romance about a lesbian chicken farmer in rural Yorkshire (and her lovers, friends, family, etc) is posted over at my DW blog.
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Having recently had occasion to think about them - and their often forgotten devoted maidservant Mary Caryll - I have posted about the Ladies of Llangollen, famed historical icons of romantic female friendship.

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Since the relationship which makes this review relevant to this comm spans the entire trilogy, I will be talking about all three books here, rather than singling one out. I will try not to drop detailed spoilers, but some later-game reveals might be necessary for context. Please read accordingly.

Millie's life has gone spectacularly to shit about a year ago, following a suicide attempt which left her with two prosthetic legs, brain damage, and metal pins all through her body. She expects to stay in a mental institution until her money runs out, when she's approached by Caryl Vallo, with an invitation to join the Arcadia Project, a secret organization which often hires mentally ill people as liaisons to the Seelie and Unseelie Courts of faerie. Though Millie's not optimistic, and her Borderline Personality Disorder means she has a tendency to alienate those around her, she decides to give it a whirl. For her first assignment, she's tasked with finding a missing faerie noble, and the politics of the courts and the Arcadia Project itself only get thornier and more twisty from there. For one thing, the very magic from which fae and humans alike weave spells may be more complicated and sentient than the Powers That Be would like you to believe. For another, every fae has a human that they are linked to, somewhere out there, called their Echo. The two experience a soulmate-like attraction upon meeting (it doesn't have to be romantic or sexual, but it's very intense.) But more importantly, such links fuel human creativity and make up the backbone of major human progress, while grounding the fae, who are normally incapable of forming long-term memories.

And then, there's Caryl, who may appear competent and no-nonsense at first, but who's just as traumatized, impulsive, and fucked up as Millie. The two are drawn to one another, even though they know any sort of relationship would be a terrible idea. And before you ask, no Caryl isn't Millie's Echo, so they don't even have that convenient excuse for their inability to keep their professional distance.

I've read way too many books with lesbian relationships where I've gone, 'this is fine, they're nice people, they deserve a happy ending,' but nothing about the writing actually made me care. And then there's Millie and Caryl. They are both trainwrecks, and I love them, and I want them to kiss, even if the reasons they really shouldn't are one-hundred percent relevant and important. It helps that they feel like deuteragonists rather than a protag-and-love-interest. Both are vivid and emotional, both have their own scars.

In general, I love Millie in all her prickly, self-destructive glory. Her voice is vibrant, funny, and heartbreaking. The secondary characters are also great, morally gray enough that you can't automatically point at someone and call them a villain or a hero, and even people who do terrible things may have compelling motivations and or personalities. The portrayal of Millie's physical disability and mental illness is top-notch. Neither is sugar-coated, but neither strips Millie of her agency (and boy does she have agency!) The worldbuilding is great. Baker's Los Angeles lives and breathes, and so does her Faerie.

It's worth knowing that A) the books are primarily focused on action and plot, with relationships developing inexorably in the background; B) in addition to Caryl, Millie has another love interest (a guy, whom I also like a lot,) and a fuck buddy (whom I like less, but then so does Millie;) and C) there's no guarantee of a happy ending, all across the board. Nonetheless, the trip is well worth taking.

Some spoilers on the ending )


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